About Us

Zeraph is a Hong Kong based team with members from US, Canada and Hong Kong. Founder Eddie Cheung is a software engineer and has 10 years of experience developing consumer products. The members have over 10 years of combined experience in hardware and software development. We want to combine our passion for product development and our know how for creating sensible smart hardware that is both easy and fun to use.

Flo is our first product and we already have a few product ideas lined up. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we bring updates to you.


Zeraph Team

Eddie Cheung - Founder - Engineering

Born in Hong Kong, and studied software engineering in Canada, Eddie worked on smart furniture and home automation projects before venturing out on my own. As a parent of two adorable children, Eddie designed FLO for his family and for all parents in order to make our parenting journeys a bit less stressful. Eddie used the KISS design approach to make the thermometer a simple and useful tool to give you peace of mind.