The Storytelling Thermometer


Quick Start Guide

Getting Flo Powered

Offline Mode

Using Flo for quick temperature measurement without your phone

Online Mode

Pairing Flo with the Zeraph App

Measuring Your Body Temperature with Flo

Setting Up Profile

1, Press New Profile


2, Press save after input all information

Edit Profile

1, Swipe the profile, and press ”Edit”


2, Press the Trash Bin icon to delete profile, Press Floppy Disk icon to save

Get the Reading

Get a Single Body Temperature Measurement

Get an Object Temperature Measurement

1, Flo is connected


2, Press and hold the Z button for 3 seconds. The blue LED will change to purple color

3, Point Flo to the object you want to measure, press and release the Z button for a quick reading



Save the Reading to Story

Adding Note to Story

Adding an Image to Story

Story, Sharing and More

** Facebook & Twitter app is needed for direct sharing

Checking Temperature Records with Chart

Filtering Temperature Data with Chart

Trouble Shooting

When there is a problem getting a reading, please try closing the app and restart it. (Double click the home button, and close the Flo App by swiping it up). If problem persists, please reset the flo as follow: