Flo - Contact-Free Smart Thermometer

Ever need to wake up someone to take their temperature? With Flo, now you don't need to!

Flo is contact-free so you will never need to clean it or wake up a sleeping baby. Just place Flo about 1inch away from the person's forehead and you can take an accurate reading under 1 second.  With one button control, Flo is extremely easy to use.  The easy to read LED system flashes green when temperature is normal or red when there is a fever.  Flo is also very small so it is perfect for travel and will not scare the kids.

You can also use Flo to check milk or bathtub water temperature with its handy object mode.  Just place Flo about 1 inch away from the container and you can get an accurate reading. 

With the free app, you can create profiles for each member of your family and tracking their body temperature.  You can add photos, and notes to the timeline and view past data with charts.  You can also share your readings and notes to medical professionals or loved ones.

Replace those outdated thermometers and stay on top of your family's health with Flo!



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